TK  - Lead Vocals  
Lead Singer and BACKLASH co-founder TK, whose prior bands include New Direction and Down South Rockers, comes by his strong vocal talent naturally as his paternal grandfather was a Cantor and Choir Director for many churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and his continues to be a family steeped in music. His impressive vocal range enables the band to cover a large catalogue of material, and whether performing a ballad requiring dynamic finesse or powering a rock anthem, TK is the QB and continues to help expand the band's horizons to an ever-widening audience.  A lover of many styles of music, TK also adds his talent on guitars, piano & percussion during the band's performances. TK is also a member of DreamKeeper, a SWFL 3 piece featuring 'folk-rock' music.

Chris Weston - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Backlash is beyond happy to welcome back to the line-up, Lead guitarist extraordinaire, Chris Weston!  Chris had taken a mini-hiatus from music after playing with BACKLASH for 8 years, but playing guitar is in his blood and so he returns to what he loves and we are stoked!  Chris's attention to detail of playing note for note leads as well as his sweet tones come naturally to him and he is heavily influenced by the Southern Rock sounds from bands such as the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd to name only a few.  Chris has great songwriting skills as well, and in addition to our first CD, we look forward to recording more songs together!  Chris has also rocked out SWFL over the years with several other bands including Weathered Souls and Joint Chiefs. 

Karen Kalvin - Keys, Guitars, Vocals
Keyboardist/guitarist and co-founder Karen Kalvin is the catalyst of the band, and her versatility is a huge key to their ability to cover such wide ranges of music. Moving from piano to electric guitar to keyboard to 12-string guitar, all while providing harmonies, she also steps out to deliver several of the band’s signature lead vocals, as well as running the sound for all the live shows. Her versatility among instruments gives the band a depth few can match.  She has performed with other local groups such as The Mixx and Headcount, 8-Up and New Direction, and performed solo at weddings and special events. She has not been more than a few feet away from a guitar or piano since age 6! Karen is also a member of DreamKeeper, a SWFL three piece 'hippie rock' band as well as the tribute band "Nightbird - The Ultimate Tribute to Stevie Nicks"

Troy Royer - Bass
Troy is a true veteran of the biz and has been Rockin' SWFL professionally since high school.  His polished stage presence and excellent vocals add depth and color to the band's trademark sound and versatility.   Formerly of The Manipulators and Triton, to name a few of the bands he has been a member of, as the band's luck would have it, Troy is now the most recent and welcome addition to this powerful lineup. Troy is a lifelong musician who also plays guitar and writes songs, and his spot on mastery of the bass drives the band into enjoyable, pulsing grooves all night long!  Troy is also a member of the tribute band, "Nightbird - The Ultimate Tribute to Stevie Nicks".

Art Carey - Drums
Drummer Art Carey is the backbone of the group. Previously with the band Weathered Souls, this rock solid beat-keeper bears the brunt of BACKLASH’s notoriously long sets, often running 90 minutes or more, so it’s a good thing he works out regularly in addition to playing! The varied songlist is no problem for Art, and as the band moves from Classic to Southern to 80’s to 90’s to Blues to Current hits, his deft touch mixes with dramatic powerful rock drumming to provide a key element of the trademark BACKLASH dynamic.


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